1.     Is the project in DAP?

Answer: The project is in category A of proposed DAP (Detail Area Plan) by RAJUK.

2.     Is the project/portion of project in flood flow area?

Answer: No. There is no flood flow land inside Purbasha Residential Area.

3.     What would be the payment policy in plot booking?

Answer:  Two payment policies are as follows:

a. In Installment System: Booking Money=10,000 BDT per katha, Down Payement= 25% of total amount, Rest of the amount will be divided into number of installments.

b. At a time Payment: Client will have 2 months flexibility for full payment.

4.     Has PURBASHA any down payment and booking money in plot booking?

Answer: Yes. Please go through the question number 3.

5.     Is there any installment system?

Answer: Yes. Please go through the question number 3.

6.     Will the clients have any offer for buying large amount of land?

Answer: Yes. We do offer special discount in such cases.

7.     When will PURBASHA start to handover land?

Answer: Purbash Residential Area authority will start handovering  from December 2015.

8.     Will PURBASHA provide registration before handover in case of full payment?

Answer: Yes. We do it after negotiation.

9.     Will the PURBASHA authority provide any deed of agreement?

Answer: We provide a deed of agreement after completion of Down Payment according to govt. policy.